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Drone video from 120ft high above 1700 Saratoga Ave. office buildings. Gives an idea of how far residents living in the new apartment can see into our neighborhood.

CSSJW does NOT own this video but has been permitted to use in this site. It is owned by one of our group members. Please ask for permission via CSSJW mailing list if you need to use it. We will forward the request to the owner.

William Road and Winchester Blvd. Intersection.

55 and 70 feet high buildings with 5-7 floors.

~20 ft away from the mixed-use buildings:

    Eastbound Winchester Blvd, from Santana Row heading toward Campbell City. Approx. 10-15 ft from the car to the curbside.

Curbside to the existing buildings (setback distance) is another 10 ft.

CSSJW owns this video. Please feel free to share with your friends and neighbors and please include our descriptions of distance & building height above. 

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