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October 2020

CSSJW Newsletter #20

EIR/Community Meeting October 5th 2020

September 2020

CSSJW Newsletter #19

Summary of 08/18/2020 New Submittal-- 741 apartment  with the school facility or 1100 apartments without the school 

August 2020

City Documentation

Notice of Preparation of an Draft EIR on PDC 19-049 El Paseo/ 1777 Saratoga Ave. Mixed-use Project. 

June 2020

CSSJW  Newsletter #17

Postpone of EIR scoping session and updates

June 2020

CSSJW  Newsletter #15

Save the date!!! Virtual City Hall meeting on July 7th. You chance to speak formally. 

March 2020

CSSJW  Newsletter #14

Building Heights Example 2

February 2020

CSSJW  Newsletter #13

El Paseo/Saratoga Ave Project: Private Boarding School, Council-member's Advice, New City Planner(Project Manager)

February 2020

CSSJW October Newsletter #12

Building Height Examples When Placed in El Paseo Site Part 1

January 2020

CSSJW October Newsletter #11

Takeaway from meeting with Chappie Jones on January 22nd-- Mark C.

January 2020

CSSJW October Newsletter #10

 Q & As in between Moreland West Neighborhood Association and Sand Hill Property/Snow Canyon Consulting Company

January 2020

CSSJW October Newsletter #8

 D1 Open Office Sessions in January.

January 2020

CSSJW October Newsletter #7 (Download)

Editable Open Letter to Chappie Jones & other Councilmembers.

January 2020

CSSJW October Newsletter #6

Summary of El Paseo/Saratoga Ave. Signature Project (Re-)Zoning Application.

January 2020

CSSJW October Newsletter #5

Meeting with Chappie Jones and Formal Submittal on December 17th.

Click here for QA with City Planner regarding Density



CSSJW October Newsletter #4

Possibility of Lower Density?

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